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I.T. Service and Support -  hardware install,  repair and cloud access.

We have been, and still are I.T.

ACEService Technologies has spent the last 25 years bringing superior service and technical expertise to Information Technology (I.T.) clients and users in the Philadelphia area. We are full service technicians for all hardware and software support needs. Call today for a consultation, installation, repair, maintenance or upgrade of any I.T. issue - we've been doing this since 1996. Rest assured, whether you need to maintain legacy systems or completely upgrade, our team of experienced technicians live and breathe creating I.T. solutions that are efficient and cost-effective for any client need, from the individual home user to a Fortune 500 company.

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Information Technology Specialists for over 25 years

Digital Wall
Digital Wall

ACEService was the service company that detected and corrected the digital wall that never worked correctly - It is now

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2011-08-11 11.51.42.jpg

Data and Voice Cabling - Call ACEservice

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Digital Wall
Digital Wall

ACEService was the service company that detected and corrected the digital wall that never worked correctly - It is now

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From basements to board rooms, and home office to hospital hospitality - we do it all. PCs, Servers, POS, IP Audio, Video and Unified Communications Systems. You name I.T., we've probably worked with I.T. (or something like it).

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Motherboard Installation

ACEService - One word created from the name. All Computer Equipment Service, established 1996. As the name says the "ACE of computer service".

25yrs providing same and next day technicians in Philadelphia, Mid Atlantic Area. Others pretend and copy us, because we know I.T.

Business Meeting

Free phone consultation.   ACEService does not and has not charged anyone to pick our brains (*on the phone).   Pick up the phone feel free to call 215 833 6682 and ask any question about I.T.   

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Welcome to the 24/7 salesman. At ACEService we think that TV and web productions have lower cost and higher ROI. Best form of advertising and sales efforts.

Call today for digital advertising and signage, web design help, brochures, flyers and business cards. 


Yes we are I.T.  Riding the waves.  Hardworking, Hardware, Hands on  ACEService Technologies Inc.   Still providing businesses and end users I.T. (Information Technology).  In every way you can image.  Consultation, installation, repair and maintenance of I.T. hardware, since 1996.

Servicing I.T. for the individuals and fortune 500 corporations. Providing our clients install and repair of automation. From Data Centers to Data Closets. Basements to Boardrooms, Home Office to Hospital Hospitality.   PCs, Servers,  POS, IP Audio, Video and Unified Communications Systems, you name I.T. and we worked with I.T.  or something like I.T.

We are onsite service - a real person - on the telephone and at your home or business. Providing service, install or upgrade of a stand alone PC or LAN.   To  Data Centers for Cloud Servers and WAN.  We consult from web access to  website and app creation.  Over 20 years serving as sub-contractor to national service providers.  

Digital Marketing  Media and Cloud  Production.  Web and Zoom Conferencing, Smart Environment's, Mobile Technologies, all pay for themselves in time and money.  

ROI = Joy

We live & breathe I.T.  using I.T. creatively. and cost effective.   We are committed to meeting your needs for service of I.T.  (Information Technologies) 

Call today, 215 833-6882  for free consultation on your next project.

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