The Pictar Webinar Kit is your one-stop-shop for all live streaming gear, including a professional lens, powerful light and pretty much the coolest tripod known to man. No more poorly-lit videos and shaky images – this bundle guarantees your webinar will not only look professional but also be hassle-free.

Show them what you've got

With a 160-degree coverage angle, the Pictar Wide Angle 18mm allows you to capture a much wider picture than your standard lens. This might mean you’ll have to clean up your desk before you go live… but it also means you’ll have a frame that can fit more content (titles, animation etc.).

Light is everything

Pictar Smart Light is a compact LED lamp capable of producing powerful, high-quality light that dramatically improves the quality of your live stream. When you provide crisp footage that shows your expressions clearly, your audience will find it easier to process and comprehend your content.

Steady does it

The Splat 3N1 Tripod has 5 durable metal legs for stability and a silicone cover for maintaining traction. It can fit your smartphone, Smart Light, camera or action camera (mounts included) and be positioned on any surface or around any object.

Pictar Webinar Kit

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